Calamity Jane

A Wild West setting for this character made famous by Doris Day. She’s a gun toting Tomboy trying to become ladylike to catch her Confederate soldier.

Costume Plot

Calamity Jane

‘Masculine’ cut deerskin suit & hat
Pretty floral dress
Dirty version of
floral dress
Elegant ball dress with underwear
Man’s overcoat
Bridal Gown & Veil

Katie Brown

Skirt & blouse
Smart travelling
suit & hat
Stage costume, gloves & headdress
Pretty floral dress
Ball gown & cloak
Bridal gown & veil


Pretty ‘work’ dress
Ball gown & cloak
Bridal gown & veil

Adelaide Adams

Stage costume, gloves & headdress
Smart travelling
suit & hat

Female Chorus

Dresses/skirts & blouses with shawls, aprons etc.
Stagecoach Travellers:
Elegant suits & hats
Rough skirts, shirts, wool waistcoats & belted jackets with battered felt hats
Girls in Saloon:
Sleeveless dresses with fitted bodices & petticoats

Dancers (max 6)

Stage dresses in gold, red & rust for Adelaide’s song
Checked ¾ length dresses & cowboy hats
Black & purple Can-Can outfits for saloon

Bill Hickcock

Frock coat suit with fancy waistcoat, ribbon tie & cowboy hat
Fringed jacket, trousers & checked shirt
Frock coat suit with fancy waistcoat & cravat
Alternative waistcoat for wedding
Native American Squaw outfit

Lieut. Gilmartin

Muddied & torn US Civil War uniform
Smart uniform & hat
Add red sash for ball & wedding

Francis Fryer

‘Theatrical’ 3 – piece suit & bowler hat
‘Vamp’ stage costume, gloves & headdress
Evening tail suit & coat
Grey morning suit

Henry Miller

3 piece suit & bowler hat
Evening tail suit
Grey morning suit


Well worn western outfit
Il-fitting tail suit & battered topper

Doc Pierce

Old dark 3 piece suit & bowler

Male Chorus

Cowboys: Jean-style trousers, chaps, checked shirts, suede waistcoats, neckerchiefs & cowboy hats


Wool trousers, braces & belts, collarless shirts, worn jackets & hats


Blue & grey uniforms with hats

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated March 2013