Anything Goes

A romp of a story set on board a cruise liner sailing from New York to London in the 1930’s with music & lyrics by Cole Porter. Reno Sweeney & her Angels entertain an unusual collection of passengers.

Costume Plot

Reno Sweeney

Travelling dress, coat & hat
Day dress/palazzo pants
Dressing gown
Blue & white sailor jacket, skirt/trousers & hat
Show dress & robe
Evening dress
Chinese gown

Hope Harcourt

Travelling dress, coat & hat
Evening dress
Day dress
2nd Evening dress
Wedding dress & veil

Evangeline Harcourt

Travelling suit, coat & hat
Day dress
Evening dress
Wedding suit & hat


Travelling dress, coat & hat
Slinky evening dress
Day dress
Sexy ‘sailor’ outfit & sailor hat

Angels (max 6)

Travelling dresses & jackets
Casual ‘rehearsal’ wear
Short white sailor dresses & hats
Show dresses & choir robes


Blazer suit, coat & hat
Casual suit
Ill-fitting sailor suit
‘Disguise’ of Knickerbockers, jacket & tweed hat
Or tweed coat & Deerstalker
Gangster’s suit & hat
Chinese suit & coolie hat

Elisha Whitney

City suit, coat and hat
Blazer & slacks
Dressing gown
Black Tuxedo
Grey morning suit & top hat

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh

Tweed Suit/Plus Fours with bow tie, hat and coat
Black Tuxedo & bow tie
Blazer & flannels
Bath robe
Grey morning suit & top hat

Moonface Martin

Pinstriped gangster suit, clerical collar & hat
White doctor’s coat
Chinese suit & coolie hat

Luke and John

Chinese suits & coolie hats

Ship’s Captain and Purser

White Naval uniforms & peaked hats

Ship’s Crew

White wide legged trousers, white tunics & hats

Henry T. Dobson

Minister’s Cassock & wide brimmed hat

Fred (Bartender)

Black trousers, white shirt & waistcoat

Reporters and Photographers

Double breasted suits, coats & trilbies

F.B.I. Agents

Dark Suits & trilbies

Male Chorus

Assorted suits, coats and hats or
Blazers, flannels & straw boaters
Tuxedos & bow ties

Ladies Chorus

Assorted day dresses/suits, coats & hats
Evening dresses, wraps and gloves

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated March 2013