Annie Get Your Gun

When Buffolo Bill’s Wild West Show comes into town, Annie Oakley quickly falls in love with the show’s sharpshooter, Frank Butler. Annie, an amazing sharpshooter herself, joins the show so she can win Frank. Unfortunately for Annie, Frank wants a more feminine woman and not a tomboy, gun-toting dame.

Costume Plot

Annie Oakley

Scruffy, dirty buckskin skirt/trousers, shirt & hat
Smarter fringed skirt, shirt, waistcoat & hat
Decorated, fringed show suit & hat
Ceremonial Native American robe & headband
Travelling suit
Glamorous evening dress with gloves & cape

Dolly Tate

Elegant suit & hat
Show outfit & hat
Evening dress & gloves
Day dress/suit

Nellie, Jessie & Minnie Oakley

Tatty, dirty dresses & pinafores
Smarter dresses, pinafores & boaters
Dresses & hats

Ladies Chorus/Dancers

Day dresses/suits & hats
Cowgirl dresses & hats
Native American Squaws
Evening dresses & white gloves

Frank Butler

Trousers, cowboy shirt, jacket & cowboy hat
Decorated, fringed show suit & hat
Frock coat suit, fancy waistcoat & hat

Buffalo Bill Cody

Fringed jacket, striped trousers, fancy waistcoat, ribbon tie & Stetson
Frock coat, striped trousers, fancy waistcoat & Stetson

Charlie Davenport

2 Loud suits, waistcoats & bowler hats

Pawnee Bill

Plain suit, patterned waistcoat & bowler hat with feather
Evening tailsuit & fancy waistcoat

Chief Sitting Bull

Native American tunic, cape & large feathered headdress


Old 3 piece suit & cap

Foster Wilson

Smart suit & bowler hat

Little Jake Oakley

Scruffy, dirty breeches, shirt & cap
Smarter breeches, shirt, waistcoat & cap

Suit & cap


High buttoned uniform & hat


Dark trousers, waistcoat, shirt, tie & white apron


Tail jacket, knee breeches, waistcoat, shirt & jabot

Men’s Chorus

3 piece suits & bowler hats/caps
Cowboy trousers, shirts, suede waistcoats & hats (some chaps)
Native American Brave tunics & leggings

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated March 2013