Set in the 1930’s against a background of austerity caused by the Wall Street Crash. A story of the ’haves & have nots’ in NYC & the chance for one orphan – Annie – to leave her poverty stricken existence & escape the clutches of Miss Hannigan.

Costume Plot


Work dress and pinafore
Smart day dress, coat & hat
Party dress
Traditional red dress with white collar


‘Worn’ dresses with pinafores &/or cardigans
‘Worn’ nightdresses

Miss Hannigan

‘Worn’ day dress
Coat & hat

Grace Farrell

Business suit, coat & hat
2nd business suit
Glamorous 1930’s evening dress & gloves

Lily St. Regis

‘Brash’ dress, jacket/fur & hat
Drab overcoat and headscarf

Mrs Greer

Plain Housekeeper dress

Mrs Pugh

Uniform dress
White bibbed apron & mob cap


Formal 1930’s suit & blouse

Boylan Sisters

Bright matching day/evening dresses & hats/headdresses

Star to Be

Stylish 1930’s dress, coat & hat

Oliver Warbucks

Smart double-breasted suits, shirts & ties
Overcoat & Trilby
White Tuxedo & black trousers, shirt & black bow tie

Rooster Hannigan

‘Loud’ suit, shirt, tie & trilby
Drab overcoat, muffler & flat cap

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Double-breasted suit, shirt & tie


Penguin coat, striped trousers, green/black waistcoat, shirt & black tie

Bert Healy

Blazer, flannels, shirt, bow tie and straw boater

Jimmy Johnston

‘Dapper’ suit, bright shirt & tie

Radio Announcer

Knee Breeches, shirt, bow tie, wool waistcoat, flat cap

Hooverville Chorus

Layers of drab clothes – sweaters, coats, hats, mufflers, wool skirts & trousers, fingerless gloves

N.Y.C. Chorus

Dresses/suits & hats

Female Servants

Uniform dresses (3/4 length) & ‘tearoom’ caps
Waist/bibbed aprons

French Maids

As above with frilly aprons & lace headdresses

Male Servants

Uniform waistcoats, black trousers, white shirts & black ties

Cabinet Ministers

Double-breasted suits, shirts & ties


Buttoned jacket, jodhpurs & peaked cap


U.S. Uniform & hat

Marine Guard

Navy uniform with red trim & white peaked hat


Skirt, Jacket & hat

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated March 2013