42nd Street

A 1930’s story of Hollywood hopefuls trying to sing and tap their way from the chorus to leading lady in a musical extravaganza set amidst the Great Depression.

Costume Plot

Dorothy Brock

Smart day dress/suit, hat & coat
Rehearsal outfit
Evening dress & gloves
White evening dress, gloves & tiara
Blue cocktail dress
Smart dress or suit

Maggie Jones

Rehearsal dress or wide legged trousers & waistcoat
Day dress, jacket & gloves
Evening dress

Peggy Sawyer

Pastel dress/suit, hat & gloves
Rehearsal gear
Evening dress & gloves
Teddie or satin nightie
Rainbow dress, gloves & headdress (‘Dames’)
‘Little Nifty’ dress
Pink Shepherdess dress
Metallic green tunic, silver shorts & headdress (‘We’re in the Money’)
Blue cocktail dress (duplicate of Dorothy’s)


Rehearsal gear
Day dress, hat & coat/jacket
Evening dress & gloves
Rainbow dress, gloves & headdress (‘Dames’)
Wedding dress & veil
Nightwear & negligee
Urchin outfit

Girls’ Chorus

Act 1Opening & Assorted rehearsal gear – shorts, skirts, trousers
Shadow Waltz
Gypsy Tea Kettle Assorted day dresses, hats & jackets/coats
Dames Satin nightwear
Rainbow evening dresses, gloves & headdresses
Regency Club Assorted evening dresses & gloves
Trellis Girls Pink ‘shepherdess’ dresses (max 6)
We’re in the Money Urchin outfits
Metallic green tunics, silver shorts, cuffs, shoe bows &
headdressesAct 1 Finale Assorted characters : Little Nifties, Salvation Army, Sexy Ladies, Waitresses, Bag Ladies, Toffs etc.Act 2

Shuffle Off Assorted nightwear & dressing gowns
Full length floral bridesmaids dresses (max 6)
42nd Street Characters as in Act 1 Finale

Billy Lawlor

Rehearsal trousers, shirt & waistcoat
Day suit, hat & coat
Black or white tuxedo
Black evening tail suit & top hat
Metallic green box jacket & black trousers
Sailor outfit or character as required for finale

Bert Barry

Trousers, shirt & waistcoat
Suit, hat & coat
Black or white tuxedo
Grey morning suit & top hat

Andy Lee

Rehearsal outfit
Suit, coat & hat
Black tuxedo
Black evening tail suit & top hat
Metallic green box jacket & black trousers
Character as required for finale

Julian Marsh

Suit, coat & hat
Black tuxedo

Pat Denning

Suit, coat & hat

Abner Dillon

Light Texan style suit, coat & cowboy hat

Men’s Chorus

Act 1

Opening Assorted rehearsal trousers & waistcoats / pullovers
Gypsy Tea Kettle Waistcoats, trousers & aprons for waiters
Out of Town Suits, coats & hats
Dames Black tail suits & top hats
Regency Club Black or white tuxedos
Act 1 Finale Assorted characters: Gangsters, Salvation Army, Toffs,
Sailors, Policemen etc.

Act 2

Shuffle Off Grey Morning suits & top hats for wedding guests
42nd Street As Act 1 finale

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated March 2013