Terms & Conditions

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In these conditions the term “DCC” shall mean Dress Circle Costumiers and the term “the Hirer” shall mean the person, society or company making a reservation with DCC.

  1. DCC agrees to supply to the Hirer a set of costumes in accordance with their requirements at a cost agreed prior to confirming the booking.
  2. DCC undertakes to make the costumes available to the Hirer in time for the dress rehearsal on a date to be mutually agreed.
  3. DCC shall not be responsible for any delay that may occur in the arrival of costumes once they have been delivered to the courier company for onward transmission.
  4. DCC undertakes to insure all costumes against damage whilst in transit.
  5. DCC agrees to supply all costumes in a clean and good condition reasonably in accordance with the measurements supplied by the Hirer.
  6. DCC will charge for all time spent making alterations or changes due to the provision of inaccurate measurements at a rate of £20.00 per hour.
  7. DCC will require completed size charts from the Hirer no later than 6 weeks prior to costume delivery date.
  8. DCC shall have no liability to the Hirer for its failure to perform any contract if such failure is caused by circumstances beyond its control.
  9. DCC will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that costumes supplied are safe to wear including objects that may cause damage to any person handling the goods such as pins, DCC will not be liable for any damage that may arise from handling such goods.
  10. RUSH ORDER PREMIUM CHARGE – Confirmed orders received within FOUR WEEKS of the performance week will attract a 20% Rush Order Charge. A confirmed order is defined as receipt of costume requirements, cast measurements & payment of the security deposit.
  11. The Hirer agrees to make full payment for all goods received.
  12. The Hirer agrees to treat all goods hired with reasonable care whilst in their possession.
  13. The Hirer agrees not to cut, mutilate or damage any costumes and to make good all temporary alterations done by hand.
  14. The Hirer agrees to reimburse DCC for all/any loss or damage of costumes.
  15. The Hirer agrees not to use the costumes hired for any purpose other than publicity photographs, dress rehearsal and performances.
  16. The Hirer agrees to check and carefully pack the costumes for return immediately after the final performance by such transport as has been mutually agreed at the Hirer’s expense.
  17. The Hirer agrees to insure all costumes hired against loss by theft, malicious damage and accidental damage whilst the costumes are in their possession.
  18. The Officers and Committee of the Hirer shall be jointly and severally responsible for the due performance of these conditions and the payment of all charges incurred.
  19. The Hirer agrees to pay a security deposit as agreed with DCC at time of booking.
  20. Cancellation of any booking by the Hirer within six weeks of the production start date will result in the loss of the security deposit.
  21. The Hirer agrees to pay DCC the full invoice amount upon receipt.
  22. The Hirer will have the security deposit reimbursed less any deduction for loss or damaged costumes promptly by DCC once stock has been returned, checked in and full payment received.