Yeoman of the Guard

Or ‘The Merryman & His Maid’ is a Savoy Opera by Arthur Sullivan & W.S. Gilbert. Set in The Tower of London in the 16th Century it is darker than many of Gilbert & Sullivan’s collaborations without the usual happy ending for all the characters.

Sir Richard Cholmondeley

Smart doublet & hose & hat

Colonel Fairfax

Scruffy breeches, shirt & waistcoat (prison)
Yeoman uniform
Smart doublet & hose & hat

Sergeant Meryll

Blue Yeoman uniform & hat

Leonard Meryll

Tudor doublet & hose & hat

Jack Point

Jester’s outfit & hat
Harlequin cape

Wilfred Shadbolt

Warder’s outfit – rough breeches, shirt, waistcoat & hat

The Headsman

Black breeches, waistcoat, shirt & hood

Yeoman of the Guard

Red Yeoman uniforms & hats

Male Chorus

Doublet & hose & hats/peasant breeches, waistcoats, shirts & hats

Elsie Maynard

Peasant skirt, blouse, bodice, apron & colourful shawl
Tudor dress & headdress

Phoebe Meryll

Pretty Tudor dress & headdress

Dame Curruthers

Smart but severe Tudor dress & headdress


Smart Tudor dress & headdress

Female Chorus

Smart Tudor dresses & headdresses/peasant skirts, blouses, bodices & caps

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013