Thoroughly Modern Millie

A musical in the comic pastiche style based on the 1967 film starring Julie Andrews. Millie Dillmount arrives in New York to become ‘thoroughly modern’ & find herself a rich husband. Of course nothing goes quite to plan but after rescuing girls from a Chinese white slavery ring disguised as a laundry she finally finds love in an unexpected quarter.

Costume Plot

Millie Dillmount

Old fashioned suit & hat/coat & hat
Stylish day dress with scarf & hat
Grey pinafore with blue blouse & belt
Stylish day dress
Red flapper dress
Silver dress & headdress

Miss Dorothy Brown

Frilled dress with hat & gloves
Floaty day dress & hat
Frilled dress & headdress
White shift dress
Full length dressing gown

Muzzy Van Hassmere

Long coat
Glamorous cocktail dress
Show dress
Satin house robe
Old fashioned, plain dress, hat & coat
Glamorous shift dress

Mrs Meers

Chinese dress with Mandarin collar
Chinese Pajamas

Miss Flannery

Grey/pink suit & blouse

Ladies Chorus

Stylish ‘modern’ dresses & hats
Grey and pink office uniforms
Red, purple & black sparkly flapper dresses
Gold, white & silver stylish shift dresses

Jimmy Smith

3 Piece suit & cap
Smarter suit, coat & hat
Black/cream Tuxedo
Suit /blazer suit & hat

Ching Ho & Bun Foo

Chinese Laundry uniforms

Mr Trevor Graydon

Grey 3 piece business suit
Black Tuxedo & bow tie

Male Chorus

Stylish suits/blazer suits & hats
File clerk uniforms – grey trousers, waistcoats & ties
Black trousers, black/purple/red shirts, waistcoats & ties
Black Tuxedos
Muzzy’s Boys – black trousers with emerald green waistcoats
Dishwashers – shirts, dark trousers & large aprons

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013