The Witches of Eastwick

3 bored woman in Eastwick, Rhode Island have their lives turned upside down by the arrival of Darryl Van Horne – the devil personified. The townsfolk are scandalised when he seduces the women but as Darryl’s actions become more sinister ‘The Witches’ use their new found power to turn the tables.

Costume Plot

Little Girl

Cotton dress & cardigan


Oxford Bags & blouse
Bohemian style dress & cardigan
Palazzo pants & halter-necked top
Tennis outfit
Red evening dress
Painting smock
Day dress
Swing coat & red/black lacy underslip
Smart dress/palazzo trousers & jacket


Pinafore dress & blouse
Day dress
Tennis dress/skirt & top
Sexy day dress & red jockey shorts
Red evening dress
Swing coat & red/black lacy underslip
Smart suit


Day dress & cardigan
Day dress
Tennis dress
Sexy day dress
Red evening dress
Swing coat & red/black lacy underslip
Smart dress


Tweed formal suit & blouse
Dress & jacket
Formal suit
‘Severe’ day dress
Nightdress & bed jacket
Day dress & coat


Floral day dress
Plain, full skirted dress & cardigan
Plain skirt, blouse & cardigan
Sophisticated suit & hat
Wedding dress & veil


Day dress
Floral dress (add apron)
Nemo’s Diner waitress uniform
Smart dress


A selection of day dresses/suits/trousers, tops & some coats
Floral dresses/suits (add aprons for ‘Dirty Laundry’)
Red/gold/black outfits
Smart dresses/suits & hats


Tweed 2-piece suit with woollen waistcoat
3-piece tweed suit
Flowery apron
Bowling shirt & dark trousers

Darryl Van Horne

Pin striped suit, red shirt & black tie
Cream linen suit with red waistcoat
Linen trousers, red cravat & sash
Red striped, long smoking jacket, black trousers & shirt, red cravat
Red/black striped pyjamas
Black Tuxedo, white/red shirt, red/black cummerbund & bow tie


Jacket with Neru collar, striped trousers & turban


Nemo’s Diner waiter’s uniform
Jeans, shirt & casual jacket
Light trousers, shirt & waistcoat
Black Tuxedo & black bow tie


2 & 3 piece suits/trousers & waistcoats
Bowling shirts & dark trousers
Black Tuxedos & black bow ties


Trousers, shirt, waistcoat & jacket
Suit & hat
Bowling shirt
Black suit & dog collar

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013