The Drowsy Chaperone

Written as a parody of 1920’s American musical comedy. A musical theatre fan plays the soundtrack to his favourite show which then comes to life in his apartment. He wryly comments on the music, the story & the actors.

Man In Chair

Cord trousers/slacks, checked shirt, tie, knitted waistcoat & cardigan


Grey trousers, striped waistcoat & black penguin jacket
Alternative waistcoat

Robert Martin

Light 3 piece suit, long coat & trilby
Black Tuxedo or Morning suit & top hat


‘Country’ 3 piece suit, coat & cap
Black Tuxedo or Morning suit & top hat


Dark, smart suit, coat & trilby
Black Tuxedo or Morning suit & top hat

Gangster #1 & #2

Checked plus fours, loud socks & waistcoats, tweed jackets & Baker Boy hats
White ‘frilly’ aprons & chefs hats
Asian slave boy outfits
Chefs Whites & checked trousers for finale


Striped suit with cravat & silk scarf, cape & trilby
Full sleeved satin shirt & fancy waistcoat
Dramatic Asian despot outfit with headdress
Frock coat suit for wedding

Mrs Tottendale

Full skirted, fussy ¾ length dress
As above in pastel shades for wedding

Janet Van De Graaff

Glamorous dress, coat & hat
Poolside robe over cutesy show dress etc (for ’Showoff’)
Underwear & satin dressing gown
Stylish day dress
Wedding dress

The Drowsy Chaperone

Elegant dress, coat & hat
Poolside dress, jacket & sun hat
Glamorous dress/palazzo pants & jacket
Stylish Edwardian dress & large hat
Elegant dress for finale


Bright ‘flirty’ dress, coat & hat
Asian Courtesan dress/suit & hat
Wedding dress

Trix The Aviatrix

Sparkly jodhpurs, waistcoat, jacket & flying cap

Work trousers/overalls, checked shirt & cap

Mens Chorus

Daysuits & trilbies
Servants uniforms
Reporters/photographers suits & trilbies
Tuxedos or Morning suits & top hats

Ladies Chorus

Day dresses, coats & hats
Maids uniforms
Reporters suits & hats
Elegant dresses for wedding

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013