The Boy Friend

A musical by Sandy Wilson set in the carefree world of the French Riviera in the roaring twenties. Plenty of striped blazers, cloche hats, beach fun & light hearted entertainment.

Costume Plot

Polly Browne

Smart day dress, hat & gloves
Light ‘Summer’ dress, hat & gloves
Pierette dress

Maisie, Dulcie, Fay & Nancy

Smart day dresses, hats & gloves
Flapper dresses or fancy dress outfits

Madame Dubonnet

2 smart day dresses
Swimwear & robe
Evening dress or fancy dress outfit


Maid’s uniform
Day dress, hat & gloves
Evening dress or peasant outfit

Lady Brockhurst

Smart day dress/suit, hat & gloves
Lighter dress, hat & gloves
Evening dress

Tango Dancer

Black & red dress

Ladies Chorus

Day dresses, hats & gloves
Evening dresses or fancy dress outfits


Bell Boy uniform
Blazer, flannels & boater
Pierrot outfit

Bobby, Marcel, Pierre & Alphonse

Blazer, flannels & boaters/light suits
Evening tails/Tuxedos or fancy dress outfits

Percival Browne

Formal business suit & trilby
Lighter suit & Panama
Evening tailsuit/Tuxedo or fancy dress outfit

Lord Brockhurst

Smart suit & trilby
Dark blazer, flannels & Panama
Evening tailsuit

Tango Dancer

Black trousers, frilled shirt, black waistcoat/cummerbund & hat

Men’s Chorus

Blazers, flannels & boaters/light suits & trilbies
Evening tailsuits/Tuxedos or fancy dress outfits

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013