Sweeney Todd

The Sondheim musical thriller based on the play ‘Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street’ by Christopher Bond. Set in 19th Century London it is the gruesome story of one man’s revenge for past wrongs.

Costume Plot

Sweeney Todd

Rough trousers, shirt, waistcoat, jacket & hat
Smarter trousers, shirt & waistcoat
Smoking jacket

Anthony Hope

Sailor’s Uniform
Donkey jacket

Judge Turpin

Frock coat suit & top hat

Beadle Bamford

Suit with knee breeches, caped coat & tricorn hat

Adolfo Pirelli

‘Loud’ checked 3 piece suit/velvet jacket, checked trousers, fancy waistcoat, floppy bow tie & hat

Tobias Ragg

Work trousers, shirt & waistcoat

Men’s Chorus

Work trousers, shirts, waistcoats, aprons & some jackets
Evening tailsuits, white waistcoats & bow ties
Peasant trousers & shirts (for asylum)

Mrs Lovett

Rough work dress, apron & mob cap
Richer looking dress & bonnet

Johanna Barker

Pastel coloured floral dress & light shawl
Sailor ‘disguise’

Beggar Woman

Ragged skirt, shirt, shawl, apron & hat

Ladies Chorus

Working dresses/skirts & blouses, jackets/shawls & aprons
Evening dresses & gloves
Nightdresses & shawls (for asylum)

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Updated May 2013