The Lionel Bart musical adaptation of Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’. The grim back streets of Victorian London are the backdrop for the story of orphan Oliver & his journey from the workhouse, to the funeral parlour, to stealing with Fagin’s gang & finally to the safety of his Grandfather’s house.

Costume Plot


Orphanage uniform
Jacket, trousers & hat as Fagin’s gang
Nightshirt & hat
Smart knee breeches suit & cap

Artful Dodger

Tatty tailcoat, short trousers, shirt, waistcoat, neckerchief & battered top hat


Long coat, scarf & hat, knee breeches, waistcoat, collarless shirt & white tights

Bill Sykes

Dark trousers, waistcoat, collarless shirt, neckerchief, dark coat & battered top hat

Mr Bumble

Long caped coat, waistcoat, knee breeches, frilled shirt with stock, jabot & tricorn hat

Mr Sowerbury

Black frock coat suit, black funeral topper


Black wool jacket, black trousers & waistcoat, black cravat

Mr Brownlow

Frock coat suit & top hat


Frock coat/penguin suit & top hat


Brown tatty uniforms

Fagin’s Gang

Short tatty trousers, collarless shirts, waistcoats, neckerchiefs & some jackets & hats

Mens Chorus

A selection of the following depending on the characters:
Frock coat suits & top hats
3 piece suits & bowler hats
‘Poorer’ trousers, waistcoats, collarless shirts, neckerchiefs & caps

Police Officers

Blue high necked uniforms with helmets


Tattered red dress, petticoat & black woollen shawl


Worn looking dress & shawl

Widow Corney

Cotton dress, bibbed apron & mob cap

Mrs Sowerbury

Simple black dress, white apron


Smart dress & jacket/suit & hat

‘Who Will Buy’ Street Sellers

Candy striped/floral dresses, aprons & bonnets/boaters
(Petticoats & bloomers are available)


Striped dresses, aprons & mob caps

Ladies Chorus

A selection of the following depending on the characters:
Smart dresses & jackets/suits & hats
Skirts, blouses, shawls & bonnets

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013