The Mikado

Or ‘The Town of Titipu’ is the ninth of Gilbert & Sullivan’s comic operas. Setting the story against the exotic background of Japan meant it was possible to satirise British politics & institutions by disguising them as Japanese.

Costume Plot


Tatty & patched jacket & tunic/trousers
Silver/gold & cream wedding kimono robe & hat


Jacket & wide legged trousers


Full length tunic, long jacket, cummerbund & hat


Full length tunic, long jacket, cummerbund & hat

The Mikado

Black satin tunic, ornate black & gold jacket, cummerbund & headdress


Pastel coloured kimono with decorative obi
Silver/gold & cream wedding kimono, obi & headdress

Petti-Sing & Peep-Bo

Pastel coloured kimonos with decorative obis


Black & red kimono with decorative obi & headdress

Ladies Chorus
Patterned kimonos & obis in lemon, pink, blue & green

Men’s Chorus

Loose jackets (to match ladies), wide legged black trousers, black shirts & hats

A set of black bobbed wigs is available for the ladies but these are not included in the outfit hire price.

We have a set of large brimmed, fibre-glass coolee hats for the men as an alternative to the smaller headdresses.

Download Female Size Chart Microsoft Word File (180 KB)

Download Male Size Chart Microsoft Word File (180 KB)

Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013