A musical by the Heather brothers based on Wycherley’s ‘The Country Wife’. A Restoration romp following the loves of Homer who talks his way into the lives of the local dignitaries so that he can seduce their wives.

Costume Plot

Homer (a handsome libertine)

Dashing brocade long jacket, waistcoat, shirt & long, close fitting trousers
Tricorn hat
Alternative jacket

Quack (a dubious physician)

Plain & dusty looking long Jacket, waistcoat & breeches
Tricorn hat

Pinchwife (a dour country gentleman)

Darker, countrified long jacket, waistcoat & breeches
Tricorn or large brimmed hat

Sir Jasper Fidget (an aristocrat)

Fancy brocade jacket, waistcoat & breeches

Harcourt (a young blade)

Plain but smart long jacket, waistcoat & breeches

Dorilant (a loud, bluff gentleman)

Heavily patterned long jacket, waistcoat & breeches

Sparkish (a plump, effeminate fop)

Bright foppish long jacket, waistcoat & breeches

Margery Pinchwife (a young & voluptuous country girl)

Light, possibly floral, low cut dress & wide brimmed straw hat

Lady Fidget (haughty aristocrat)

Ornate dress & hat

Mistress Dainty

Darker coloured dress & hat

Mistress Squeamish (an austere aristocrat)

Darker & more severe dress & hat

Alithea (a placid, refined country lady)

Less ornate dress with shawl & straw hat


Black waistcoat, breeches & shirt.
Black hood


Long black jacket, waistcoat, breeches, white shirt & tabs
Wide brimmed black hat


Cutaway jacket, breeches & waistcoat

Ladies Chorus

Smart bodiced dresses & hats
Peasant skirts, blouses & bodices with shawls, aprons & mob caps

Men’s Chorus

Smart long jackets, waistcoats & breeches
Rough waistcoats/jerkins/jackets, shirts & breeches

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013