Kiss Me Kate

Cole Porter’s inspiration for this musical was Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. It’s a show within a show so is jointly set in the Tudor period & in the 1950’s. The fiery character of Kate finds her match in Petruchio.

Costume Plot


Elegant 1950’s suit with hat & gloves
Tudor day outfit & headdress
Harlequin cape
Tudor wedding dress & muddied replica
1950’s dress/suit with fur stole, hat & gloves
Tudor finale dress & headdress


1950’s rehearsal gear
1 Tudor dress & headdress
Harlequin cape
Sexy housecoat & underwear
Tudor Wedding dress


1950’s dress/suit & hat
Alternative dress
Overall with pockets


Striped pinafore dresses, blouses, petticoats & scarves

Ladies Chorus

1950’s dresses & jackets/suits & hats or ‘backstage’ character costumes
Act I – poor & wealthy Tudor dresses & headdresses
Assorted housecoats & underwear (‘Too Darn Hot’)
Act II – red & gold Tudor dresses & headdresses for wedding

Female Servants

Dresses/skirts, laced bodices, caps & aprons


1950’s trousers, jacket, waistcoat, shirt & tie
Dressing gown
Smart ‘travelling’ Doublet & Hose & cape
Harlequin cape
Mis-matched Doublet & Hose (wedding) & cape
(Doublet & Hose to match Kate’s available for the finale if required)


Casual 1950’s trousers, woollen waistcoat, shirt & tie
Tudor Doublet & Hose Outfit
Harlequin cape
Gold & red Tudor outfit for wedding


1950’s suit
Henry VIII style tunic, coat & hat
Tunic for wedding


Casual 1950’s suit & hat
2 Tudor Doublet & Hose outfits


1950’s flannels, shirt & waistcoat
2 Tudor Doublet & Hose outfits


Pin striped suits, black shirts, white ties & trilbies
Ill-fitting Tudor disguises

Harrison Howell

US General’s Uniform or formal 1950’s suit with coat & hat


Casual 1950’s style trousers, checked shirt, tie, cardigan & Trilby


1950’s suit with white coat

Men’s Chorus

Selection of 1950’s Suits, trousers, shirts & waistcoats.
Jackets, hats etc. for ‘backstage’ characters
Act I – Doublet & Hose or tunics with hats
Act II – As above in red & gold

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013