Jekyll and Hyde

A musical tragedy set in late 19th Century London. A dark atmosphere but with a deliciously romantic score making it a modern classic.

Costume Plot

Dr Henry Jekyll / Edward Hyde
Tweed 3 piece day suit & bowler hat
Frock coat suit & top hat (wedding)
Overcoat & hat

John Utterson
Black jacket & waistcoat, striped trousers & black bowler hat

Sir Danvers Carew
Frock coat suit & top hat
Alternative suit for the wedding

Simon Stride
Frock/penguin coat suit & top hat

Lord Savage
Dark frock/penguin suit & top hat

Bishop of Basingstoke
Clerical robe & cap

The Rt. Hon. Sir Archibald Proops
Dark frock coat suit & top hat

General Lord Glossop
Formal day suit & bowler hat

Black frock coat suit & top hat or
Checked suit & bowler

Black jacket & waistcoat with striped trousers

Male Chorus
Characters: Beggars, Hawkers, Sailors, Gentlemen & Tradespeople
Rough suits & bowler hats / Frock coat suits & top hats / Sailor uniforms & jackets
Black tailcoat suits for party

Lucy Harris
Black boned bodice & short skirt
Day suit/dress & hat

Emma Carew
Elegant Edwardian day suit, hat & gloves
Elegant evening dress & gloves
Wedding dress/suit & veil/hat & gloves

Lady Beaconsfield
Smart day suit, large hat & gloves

Low fronted dress/skirt, top & shawl

Red Rat Dancers
Black boned bodices
Short black skirts

Ladies Chorus
Characters: Beggars, Washerwomen, Whores & Ladies of Quality
Rough skirts, shirts, shawls, aprons & hats or
Smarter day dresses/suits & hats
Evening dresses & gloves

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated July 2013