HMS Pinafore

Or ‘The Lass That Loved A Sailor’ was the fourth operatic collaboration for W. S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan & their first international sensation. Set aboard a British warship, comically named after an article of female clothing, it is the predictable but amusing mix of misunderstandings with a surprise disclosure to bring about a dramatic finale.

Note: Costumes are available in the Regency (Jane Austen) or Victorian style.

Costume Plot


Day dress/suit & bonnet/hat


Smart day dress/suit & hat


Lemon dress/skirt & blouse, apron & bonnet

Sisters, Cousins & Aunts

Young – Floral/striped dresses & straw hats/bonnets
Older  – Suits, blouses & matching hats or dresses, jackets & hats

Sir Joseph Porter

Uniform jacket, knee breeches & feathered hat

Captain Corcoran

Decorated Naval uniform & hat
Sailor uniform & hat

Ralph Rackstraw

White Sailor uniform & hat

Dick Deadeye

Navy sailor uniform & hat


White uniforms & hats
NB Navy jackets, checked/striped shirts, waistcoats & neckerchiefs also available.

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013