Pirates of Penzance

Or ‘The Slave of Duty’ is another comic opera from the pen of W. S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan. Frederic is indentured to a band of rather ineffectual pirates until he’s 21. Thinking that he has reached that age he leaves the ship, meets Mabel & falls in love. Unfortunately, as he was born on the 29th February, he will not be free from the pirates for a further 63 years!

Costume Plot


Pastel dress, sash & hat
White Victorian style cotton nightdress & shawl


Striped skirt, blouse & laced bodice, headscarf & pirate hat


Candy striped/floral dresses, sashes & matching straw bonnets/boaters
White Victorian style cotton nightdresses & coloured shawls

Ladies Chorus – ‘Chaperones’

Suits & blouses/dresses & hats


Coloured breeches, waistcoats/jackets, full sleeved shirts, neckerchiefs & hats


High buttoned blue uniforms with silver buttons, belts & helmets

Major General

Red & black uniform with feathered hat
Nightshirt, cap & dressing gown


Pirate outfit with waistcoat & hat
Sailor’s uniform or Victorian day suit & hat

Pirate King

Long trousers, Regency style long jacket, waistcoat & white peasant shirt, tricorn hat

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013