The award winning first musical for the writing duo of Rodgers & Hammerstein. The love story of Curly & Laurie develops amidst the sparring factions of cowboys & farmers in rural Oklahoma.

Costume Plot

All costumes are in ‘earthy’ colours – shades of brown, green, burgundy, grey and dark orange.

Aunt Eller

Rough skirt, shirt, woollen shawl & large apron
Smarter two piece suit with hat


‘Work’ outfit – skirt & shirt with apron or trousers/dungarees with rough shirt
Light floral dress with sash
Wedding dress & veil
Camisole top, bloomers & petticoat or nightdress with shawl

Ado Annie

Skirt/dress & lower cut jacket & hat
Lighter coloured dress


Checked ¾ length dresses (max 8)
Floral ¾ length dresses & sashes (max 16)
Black & purple ‘saloon’ dresses with black gloves & feather headdresses (max 6)

Ladies Chorus

Skirts & blouses/shirts, shawls & aprons
Dresses, jackets & hats


Trousers, chaps, coloured shirt, leather/suede waistcoat, neckerchief & cowboy hat
Dark 3 piece suit, white round-collared shirt, ribbon tie & hat

Will Parker

Trousers, checked shirt & cowboy hat
Trousers, double-buttoned shirt, ribbon tie & hat


Heavy, torn dark trousers with belt & braces, torn ‘grandad’ shirt
Smarter trousers, double-buttoned shirt with ribbon tie

Ali Hakim

Bold 3-piece suit, white round-collared shirt, ribbon tie & bowler hat

Cord Elam

Striped trousers, frock coat, light shirt, black waistcoat, ribbon tie & hat

Andrew Carnes

Brown woollen suit, collarless shirt, waistcoat, neckerchief & felt hat
Dark 3 piece suit, white round-collared shirt, ribbon tie & hat


‘Earthy’ coloured wool trousers, collarless shirts, wool waistcoats, braces & felt hats
Dark 3 piece suits with shirts & ties


Trousers, checked shirts, neckerchiefs, leather/suede waistcoats, some chaps, cowboy hats
Trousers as above, double-buttoned shirts & ribbon ties

Male Dancers

Black trousers, black waistcoats, white or purple shirts, ribbon ties

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013