Sweet Charity

A musical based on the Neil Simon book with Charity Hope Valentine as the New York dancer lurching through life & loves. With songs like ‘Big Spender’ & ‘The Rhythm of Life’ the journey is a lively one.

Costume Plot

Charity Hope Valentine

Black shift dress
Dressing gown
Band uniform & hat

Nickie & Helene

Hostess dresses
Dance dresses
Dressing gowns


Sophisticated evening dress
Fur jacket


Unsophisticated day dress
Coat & hat
Hostess dress

Hostess Girls

Hostess dresses


Sleazy, well worn suit
Badly fitting black Tux

Vittorio Vidal

Smart Tux with black or white jacket & frilled shirt
Satin dressing gown

Female Chorus/Dancers

Characters for Central Park – joggers, tourists, old & young passers by
Black & white dresses/catsuits for Frug
Characters for Coney Island as required
Hippy ‘Rhythm’ outfits
Striped band waistcoats & hats if required (maximum 7)
Party dresses


Slick but poor suit or jacket & trousers

Oscar Lindquist

Brown/tan suit, hat & bow tie
Blue suit & hat

Male Chorus

Suits/separates & hats
Characters for Central Park & Coney Island as required
Black Tuxedos for Frug
Hippy ‘Rhythm’ outfits
Blue Band jackets, black trousers & hats

Download Female Size Chart Microsoft Word File (180 KB)

Download Male Size Chart Microsoft Word File (180 KB)

Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013