City of Angels

The writer of film screenplays whose alter ego is the Detective hero of his stories. It’s a tale of 2 halves set in the reality of the novelist & in the fictional world of his characters. The musical is an homage to the popular film noir genre of the 1940’s.

Costume Plot


Trousers, knitted waistcoat, shirt & jacket
Smarter suit & hat

Buddy Fidler

Flamboyant breeches, waistcoat, bowtie & cap

Pancho Vargas

Suit & hat


Business suit or dress & jacket

Carla Haywood

Glamorous day dress, hat & gloves
Fur stole
Cocktail dress & gloves


Day dress & cardigan
Smarter dress & jacket
Coat & hat

Avril Raines

Fashionable day dress
Cocktail dress


Trousers, waistcoat, bowtie & apron

Jimmy Powers

Smart, ‘smooth’ suit & trilby

The Angel City 4

2 Day dresses
2 Trousers & waistcoats

Ladies Chorus

Make-up girls, wardrobe ladies, secretaries, stage ‘extras’,
cleaners, hairdresser, stand-ins, usherettes
Evening dresses & gloves
Cocktail party dresses

Men’s Chorus

Shoeshine, studio cops, cinematographer, stage crew

MOVIE (black & white)

Detective Stone

Black/grey suit & trilby

Irwin S. Irving

Breeches, waistcoat, bowtie & cap


Suit & hat


Black/grey smart suit or dress
Coat & hat

Alaura Kingsley

Glamorous suit/dress, fur, hat & gloves,
Tennis outfit
Pallazzo pants outfit


Sexy day dress
Elegant dressing gown
Sexy evening dress & gloves

Mallory Kingsley

2 Fashionable day dresses
Sexy nightwear

Peter Kingsley

Casual trousers, shirt & waistcoat

Luther Kingsley

Smart trousers, waistcoat, cravat & jacket

Dr Mandril

Eastern style suit & hat

Jimmy Powers

White Tuxedo & trilby

The Angel City Four

2 Evening dresses & gloves
2 Black Tuxedos

Yamato & Mahoney

Gangster suits & hats

Officer Pasco

Police uniform & cap

Commissioner Gaines

Suit & hat

Ladies Chorus

Nurses, movie ‘extras’, maids, waitresses

Men’s Chorus

Hospital orderlies, movie ‘extras’, waiters, butlers

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013