A Lerner & Loewe musical set in stylish turn-of-the-century Paris. The story of the young, free spirited Gigi who, with her unbridled zest for life, captivates the sophisticated Gaston – a family friend with a bad reputation.

Costume Plot

Gigi¾ length day dress/suit & hat
Skirt & blouse
Summer dress, jacket/cape, hat & gloves or bathing suit & mob cap
Sophisticated day suit, hat & gloves
White evening gown & gloves

Madame Alvarez (Marmita)

2 day dresses/suits
Lighter suit, hat & gloves

Aunt Alicia

2 elegant day suits, hats & gloves

Ladies ChorusDay suits/dresses hats & gloves
Lighter dresses/suits, hats & gloves or Promenade character outfits
Elegant evening dresses & gloves

Dancers (6)

Striped bathing suits & mob caps
Black & purple Can Can Dresses, gloves & feathers

Honore Lachaille

2 frock coat suits & top hats
Evening tailsuit & top hat

Gaston Laichaille2 smart 3 piece suits & bowler hats
Blazer suit & boater
Evening tailsuit & top hat

Maxim’s Maitre D’Hotel

Black/red tail coat, black trousers, black/striped waistcoat & black bow tie

Maxim’s WaitersBlack trousers, black/striped waistcoats, black bow ties & white aprons

Men’s Chorus

3 piece penguin/frock coat suits & bowler/top hats
Blazer suits & boaters or Promenade character outfits
Evening tailsuits & top hats

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013