Hello Dolly

Dolly Levi, the town’s larger than life matchmaker, is also a widow on the search for a husband of her own. She has her eye on Horace Vandergelder who owns the local grain store where Cornelius & Barnaby work. The film of the musical famously cast Barbara Streisand in the title role.

Costume Plot

Dolly Levi

Smart ‘business’ suit, large brimmed hat & gloves
Change of smart suit, large brimmed hat & gloves
Elegant evening gown, long gloves, boa & feathered headdress
Daytime dress/suit, hat & gloves
Wedding suit, hat & gloves

Irene Malloy

Smart business suit, cape & hat
Flamboyant hat with feathers & ribbons
Day dress/evening dress & gloves

Minnie Fay

3 quarter length suit, cape & hat
Day dress/evening dress & gloves


‘Loud’ suit & hat
Statue of Liberty costume & headdress
Bright yellow dress, clashing feather boa, gloves & feathered headdress
Change of suit or dress, jacket & hat (more fashionable)


Pretty daytime suit or dress, jacket, cape & hat
Evening dress & gloves
Change of day suit or dress

Mrs Rose

Smart suit & hat
Suffragette costume, sash & hat
Evening dress & gloves

Female Chorus

Day suits & hats or dresses, jackets & hats
Lighter coloured or floral dresses/suits & hats
Skirts, blouses, sashes & straw boaters
Evening dresses & gloves

Horace Vandergelder

Lodge Member Band Uniform & Hat
3 Piece day suit & hat
Frock coat suit with cravat, hat & gloves
Evening tailsuit, white gloves, silk scarf & top hat
Grey morning suit or frock coat suit & top hat


3 Piece day suit & Baker Boy hat, large apron & sleeve protectors
Change of suit or blazer, flannels & straw boater


3 Piece day suit & Baker Boy hat, large apron & sleeve protectors
Change of suit or blazer, flannels & straw boater


Velvet jacket, dark trousers, floppy tie & artist’s hat
Change of velvet jacket
Tailsuit & floppy bow tie


Red tail coat, black trousers, white waistcoat, bow tie & gloves


White shirts, black trousers and bow ties, striped waistcoats & large white aprons

Male Chorus

Day suits & hats
Train Driver & Rail Porter Uniforms
Parade Characters – Band Members, ‘Uncle Sam’, Abraham Lincoln, Confederate Soldier
Evening tailsuits


Overalls, Shirt & cap

Judge & Clerk of the Court

Black trousers, waistcoats & ties & black gowns


US Police uniforms & hats


White tunic top, striped trousers & chef’s hat

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Dress Circle Costumiers
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