Guys And Dolls

The show premiered on Broadway in 1950. The story is set in Times Square, New York & is a light hearted look at the lives of gangsters, gamblers & the New York underworld. Gambling locals sing ‘Luck Be A Lady’ & clash with the Salvation Army for ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’.

Costume Plot

Sky Masterson

Dark double breasted suit & trilby Light double breasted suit & trilby Flowered apron Maroon 2 piece mission uniform, peaked cap

Nathan Detroit

Striped/checked suit, bright shirt & trilby Farmer’s dungarees, collarless shirt, straw hat Black/grey penguin suit & top hat

Nicely – Nicely

Loud checked suit, bright shirt & trilby

Big Jule

Striped double breasted suit, black shirt, white tie & Fedora

Harry The Horse

Double breasted checked/striped suit, bright shirt & trilby

Benny Southstreet

Checked/striped suit, bright shirt & trilby

Detective Brannigan

Grey double breasted suit & trilby Mackintosh

Joey Biltmore

Double breasted suit & trilby

Rusty Charlie

Bright striped/checked suit & trilby

Angie The Ox

Striped/checked suit & trilby

Arvide Abernathy & Mission Bandsmen

Maroon 2 piece uniform suit & peaked cap

Male Chorus

Opening characters: Cowboy, pickpocket, tourist guide, photographer, prize fighter & manager, Sugar Daddy, Police Officer, tourist, news vendor, blind man, drunk, 2 & 3 piece suits & hats Black Tuxedos

Hot Box Waiter

Black dress trousers, waistcoat, shirt & bow tie

Rumba Dancer

High waisted black trousers, white dinner jacket & cummerbund or black dress waistcoat & black tie

Havannah Waiter

Black trousers, coloured waistcoat, bow tie & white apron

Havannah Dancers

Black trousers & orange, purple or green frilled shirts


Capri trousers, sweater/shirt, chiffon scarf Gingham dress with short bloomers & hair bow/cowboy hat Dress, gloves, fur wrap, underwear & pearls Dress, matching gloves & hat Travelling coat, hat & gloves Wedding dress, hat/veil

Sarah Brown

Maroon Mission dress, cape & bonnet Dress & jacket/suit & hat

General Cartwright

Maroon Mission dress, cape & bonnet

Mission Band

Maroon dresses with belts & bonnets

Hot Box Girls

‘Bushel and a Peck’: Gingham dresses, pants & hair bows/cowboy hats ‘Take Back Your Mink’: Evening dresses, long gloves, fur stoles, underwear & pearls.

Female Chorus

Suggested characters: Street walkers, Bobby Soxers, actress, Mrs Texan, tourists 1950’s evening/cocktail dresses & gloves

Havannah Dancers

Full skirted purple or green cocktail dresses & co-ordinating petticoats

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated May 2013