Singing In The Rain

The classic musical about Hollywood in the 20s includes some of the best-loved comedy routines, dance numbers and love ballads ever written. Singin’ In the Rain is 24 carat classic entertainment.

Costume Plot

Kathy Selden

Plain day dress/suit & hat
Chorus Girl dance dress & headdress
2 x Simple period dresses, hats & gloves
Pastel coloured evening/cocktail gown

Lina Lamont

2 x Elaborate evening gowns, fur wrap, headdresses & gloves
2 x Elegant day dresses/suits, furs, hats & gloves
French Court period dress (to match ‘film)
Underwear & loose dressing gown

Dora Bailey

Elegant day or cocktail dress
Coat, hat & gloves

Cosmo Brown

Loud checked suit, waistcoat, bow tie & straw boater (+ dark trousers to overdress for quick change)
Trenchcoat, scarf & Trilby
Trousers, waistcoat/pullover, workshirt & felt hat
Suit & hat

Zelda Zanders

Flapper style dress, headdress, feather boa & headdress

Olga Mara

‘Showy’ black dress & headdress

Mary Margaret

Floaty evening dress, headdress & gloves

Lady – in – Waiting

French Court style dress (for filming)


Rehearsal wear for Studio scenes
Feathered show girl dresses & headdresses
Pink spotty dance dresses & bows
Green metallic dance tunics & silver shorts

Female Chorus

Elegant evening/cocktail dresses, headdresses & gloves
Day dresses, hats, gloves & coats

Additional Characters:

Wardrobe Mistress & Hairdresser – day dress & tunic
Assistants – dresses or slacks/skirts, blouses & jackets/pullovers
Party Waitresses – black dresses, white aprons & caps
Yellow rain capes

Don Lockwood

Loud checked suit, waistcoat, bow tie & straw boater (+ dark trousers to overdress for quick change)
Wool coat, scarf & Trilby
Tuxedo with ‘ripped’ jacket
White tux jacket
French Court outfit (to match ‘film’)
Trousers, shirt & waistcoat
Double breasted suit & Trilby

Roscoe Dexter

Black Tailsuit or Tuxedo & bright bow tie
Plus Fours suit, waistcoat & cap
Double breasted suit & Trilby
Bright jacket/blazer, flannels & waistcoat

R.F. Simpson

Black Tailsuit or Tuxedo
2 x Smart suits & Trilbies/Homburgs


Black uniform & cap

Young Cosmo & Young Don

Checked/grey trousers (depending on size), waistcoats, bow ties & bowler hats
Male Chorus
Black Tailsuits/Tuxedos
Day suits & Trilbies

Additional Characters:

Backstage crew – trousers, waistcoats/pullovers shirts & caps
Assistant Directors – trousers/plus fours, waistcoats/sweaters & jackets
Party Waiters – black trousers, waistcoats (black, green or red) & bowties
Yellow rain capes

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Dress Circle Costumiers
Updated November 2015